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“The Hate U Give” Is Anything But Hated

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“The Hate U Give” Is Anything But Hated

Victoria Temple, Staff Writer

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The book The Hate U Give written by author Angie Thomas debuted at the top of The New York Times young adult best-seller list where it resided for more than fifty weeks. The book was wildly popular with readers, winning the Goodreads annual awards vote in the categories of Best Young Adult fiction and Debut Author. It also won the Audie Awards for Young Adult and Best Female Narrator.

In The Hate U Give, narrator Starr Carter is the only witness to her friend Khalil’s fatal shooting at the hands of a police officer. On top of dealing with the emotional aftermath of such an awful event, being at the scene throws her into the middle of the investigation. As the attention on the shooting grows nationally, what she does—or doesn’t—say, could change everything.

In addition, The Hate U Give was widely acclaimed by critics. Terreece Clarke from Common Sense Media wrote of the book,  “Wrenching, soul stirring, funny, endearing, painful, and frustratingly familiar, this novel offers a powerful look at a few weeks in a fairly typical teen girl’s life — with one horrific exception.”

Many well known authors also praised The Hate U Give. Becky Albertalli, author of Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, wrote “Fearlessly honest and heartbreakingly human. Everyone should read this book.” John Green, author of The Fault in Our Stars and other YA books, also praised Angie Thomas, calling the book  “a classic of our time.”

The Hate U Give deals with dueling identities, teenage drama and the cycle of poverty and crime. It’s easily something everyone can relate to, as it addresses the problems of today with police shootings and racial bias all without losing that underlying struggle of being a teenager in today’s time. Throughout the book, Starr takes readers on a emotional rollercoaster, the sentiments in the  book unfiltered and raw.

The Hate U Give was so widely acclaimed that it was turned into a major motion picture with George Tillman Jr. as director and Audrey Wells as screenwriter.

The film earned a whopping 97% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 81% on Metacritic. 

From the moment the movie starts you are thrust into the very real life of Starr Carter, torn between her hometown Garden Heights that mainly consists of the poor and primarily black community, and Williamson Prep, a  primarily white school. From the opening moment to the ending scene you’re finally able to watch Starr in action, and watch her inspiring journey unravel before your eyes.

I shed a few tears watching the movie, my fellow movie goers not far behind with tears of their own. The movie handled the book very carefully, never taking away from the serious and prominent problems about racism the book was meant to represent.

If the book was awe inspiring, then the movie was possibly even more so. People were at the edge of their seats, waiting to see what Starr did next, what course of action she decided to take. Both the book and the movie was political and personal, emotional and galvanizing. When you finally close the book, or leave the movie theater, your thoughts will most probably be occupied with new ideas and dueling emotions, just like Starr Carter’s were.

According to Essence Entertainment, Angie Thomas encourages people to “keep fighting the good fight.”

Overall the book and the movie deserve both  a 10/10.

The Hate U Give was officially released everywhere the nineteenth of October, and is out now in theaters.

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Victoria Temple, Staff Writer

Victoria is Junior at Jonathan Alder. This is her first year at the Pioneer Press. Some things she enjoys doing is reading and listening to music.

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“The Hate U Give” Is Anything But Hated