Impeachment Opinion

Impeachment Opinion

Anon E. Mouse, Writer

With the recent uproar caused by the impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump, it’s safe to say that our country is more divided than ever before. 

If you’re unsure of how the impeachment process works, here’s a short overview. First, a member of the House of Representatives will introduce an impeachment resolution. Next, the speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, will direct the U.S House Committee to hold a hearing of the resolution, and if it should later be voted upon by the members of the House. In order to make it to the House floor, there must be a simple majority of the Judiciary Committee that approve of the resolution. In order for the president to be impeached, the resolution must pass within the House and the Senate.  The House, mostly made of Democrats, will first take a vote. If there is a simple majority within the members, the resolution will then be passed to the Senate, mostly being made of Republicans. In this case, the resolution will most likely pass through the House, but most likely not the Senate. The Chief Justice, John Roberts, will preside over the trial, having senators sit as the jury. If the jury votes that the president is guilty, he will be removed from the oval office, and his vice president, Mike Pence, will be sworn into take his place. 

Now for some opinionated insight about the subject, that not everybody has to agree with.

Donald Trump should most certainly be removed from the oval office, plain and simple. The president has violated the Constitution by attempting to tamper the results of the 2020 election by mounting an investigation against the family of Joe Biden (his political rival) onto the president of Ukraine, doing so by withholding funds of military aid, that accumulated to more than $400 million dollars. He has committed a crime, and shall be held accountable for his actions. 

This isn’t the first offence that’s been considered “impeachable” that the president has committed. To name a few, he has assaulted the freedom of the press, instructed the border patrol to violate the law, and he’s also abused the pardon power, all while running the country in a corrupt mannerism. 

To say that Trump hasn’t done anything on an illegal scale is flat out incorrect. He has abused the power and prestige of his office in order to pressure a foreign head of state to complete his dirty work, which, you guessed it, is ILLEGAL! He has violated the Campaign Finance Law, which regulates campaign spending and fundraising, by suggesting that Volodymyr Zelensky use his country’s resources in order to benefit his reelection efforts, which has literally being transcribed from their private phone call that has been released publicly from the White House. 

Although my views of the president are overwhelmingly negative, I do believe that the man is a great negotiator and understands how to get what he wants from foreign nations. However, his way of running the country is extremely similar to how he runs his business, with corruption and mistreatment of his business/political colleagues

I’m hopeful but unsure that this will result in the first ever successful impeachment of the POTUS, and I hope that while reading this you begin to realize how inhumane he actually is.