A Quick Read About Quick Recall (and Quiz Bowl)

A Quick Read About Quick Recall (and Quiz Bowl)

Have you ever watched a show like Jeopardy and fantasized about participating in a trivia game like that? For the members of Quiz Recall and Quiz Bowl, that’s their reality every week. 

According to the page for Quick Recall on Jonathan Alder’s website, “Quick Recall is a team of students who match wits with students from other schools on a variety of topics such as history, science, math, English, music, sports, general knowledge, and current events.” The students on the team will be asked a trivia question, and attempt to answer each question before teams from other schools. Whichever team can answer the most questions wins. 


While Quick Recall was started back in 1982, this was the first year Jonathan Alder participated in the Quiz Bowl. Quiz Bowl is “pretty much the same thing,” says Doc Lorson, the coach for both the Quiz Bowl and Quick Recall teams. However, rather than having a chance to answer each question, “You have twenty questions, and if your team wins the question, you then get three additional questions,” he says. “If you miss a question, you don’t even get to try on the next three.”


Unfortunately, the Quiz Bowl team lost the season 0-9, “but it was a totally new format,” says Lorson. “We’re hoping to do a little better next year.” 


Senior Ellie Storts commented, “We got our butts kicked. But it was a lot of fun!” While the Quiz Bowl season is over, the Quick Recall season is still in progress. So far, the team is 2-3, with four potential matches left this season.


Both Quick Recall and Quiz Bowl offer a place where students can boost their self-confidence and make new friends with similar interests. “It’s a lot of fun,” says Senior Maddy Grove. “You’re tested on a lot of random knowledge you didn’t know you had. You realize you either know a lot more or a lot less than you think you did.” 


“The team is really fun, we have a good time nerding out,” says Storts. “The bus rides are fun, Doc is fun… he roasts us when we don’t know the answers to things.”


While the Quiz Bowl’s season is over until next year, students can still join the Quick Recall team. Practices are held every Tuesday at 7:00am, in Doc Lorson’s room (#232).

Quick Recall’s next match is January 8th, here at the high school.