2021 NHS Induction


Emma Van Winkle, Staff Writer

Tuesday April 27th, Jonathan Alder High School held their National Honor Society (NHS) Induction Ceremony for juniors and seniors. The ceremony was held in the main gym of the high school and inductees were allowed two people to come and support them. While they couldn’t be pinned due to covid restrictions, they were still able to walk and receive their certificate. At the end of the gym, NHS advisor Mrs. Schuldecker set up a photo wall for pictures to be taken, with the NHS pin at the top. Principal Mr. Hayes and vice principal Mrs. McCray were in attendance to support their students and show them encouragement. 

NHS is based on the following: scholarship, service, leadership and character. One of their main goals is to help and give back to the community, and they do so by holding blood drives, canned food drives, and first aid drives. Overall being involved with the community, NHS gives opportunities to high schoolers that they wouldn’t receive anywhere else. The eligibility of NHS is being a sophomore-senior in high school having a 3.0 on a 4.0 grading scale, that follows scholarship. Service requires having service hours that are done without compensation, leadership requires those who are resourceful, and good problem solvers. Lastly, character requires a student who demonstrates high standards of responsibility and reliability, shows courtesy, concern and respect for others.