Q&A With Jalyn Moore


Avery Murdock, Staff Writer

Jalyn Moore is a sophomore at Jonathan Alder. She is a part of the JV bowling team. She talks about what it’s like to be a part of the bowling team and what she loves about it. She also talks about her Interests and what it’s like being hard of hearing.

Q. How long have you been part of the bowling team?
A. Since I was a Freshman
Q. What is your favorite part about bowling?
A. Being with my teammates and hanging around them. I’d say bowling is a pretty fun sport.
Q. What’s your favorite memory from bowling?
A. So far, I like the sleepover we had at the bowling alley. It’s not the best place to sleep, but it was pretty fun. We played games and did other stuff.
Q. What made you want to do bowling?
A. Well I was interested in it first. I bowled a few times when I was younger, I had my own 8 pound bowling ball. And I just thought it was really interesting at first. I didn’t expect to like it, but I love it so much.
Q. What do you like to do in your free time?
A. I like to ride my bike a lot around my neighborhood. And I like to read mystery books, maybe a little bit of mystery TV shows. It’s just fun, the suspense.
Q. What’s your favorite book you’ve read?
A. I think I would choose One Of Us Is Lying.
Q. What is your favorite Tv Show?
A. I don’t really have a favorite, I actually like Disney movies.
Q. So then what are some of your favorite Disney movies?
A. I don’t really know. I’d say Coco. I don’t know my favorite. Cheaper by the Dozen is always funny.
Q. What’s it like being hard of hearing and living with it in school?
A. It’s okay, maybe sometimes hard to hear when it’s loud around the room. It’s really bad when you accidentally forget to charge your implants, and one of them dies during school and you can only hear with one ear. That happened to me once or twice before, but I had like an extra battery in my locker. So I was thankful for that.
Q. What’s something that people always assume with being hard of hearing?
A. I think they assume that I don’t hear loud enough. That I would always need the microphone. But I can hear regularly, but sometimes they think it’s too hard to hear. But it’s not always too hard.
Q. What’s something You wish people knew about being hard of hearing?
A. Sometimes I wish people knew how quiet they were. It sounds like they are whispering, I wish they could speak loud enough sometimes.