NHS Plans Powder Puff Tournament


Find one of the QR codes in the hallways if you’re interested in signing up for the tournament.

Emma Kennedy, Staff Writer

This spring, the National Honors Society (NHS) is hosting a powder puff tournament. The fundraiser idea has lingered for awhile, but is finally coming to life. NHS advisor, Mrs. Schludecker, says, “It’s been a popular idea in the past and the event is a great way to strengthen our community.” 

The tournament will be held on Sunday, April 10 from 3pm-5pm. Each team will have 5-8 players of the same grade level, and each team chooses their own team name and team color.  

Coaches for each team team will be members of the JAHS football team and will be present for the entirety of the team practice on Thursday, April 7 and the tournament itself on Sunday, April 10. 

NHS Secretary, Emma Hicks, says they chose this event because “we wanted something where hopefully everyone could enjoy even if people can’t participate, they can come and watch.” Hicks says the event has the entire field and stadium for the day, and they’re preparing for it to be a big event.

Hicks says that her main hopes for the event are to have fun and have people invested and excited. “I hope a lot of people come too– I actually want people to go out and have fun. I hope that people sign up to participate or come to watch.” Tickets are available for purchase online for $5.