My top nostalgic children’s TV recommendations


Gretchen Roaden, Staff Writer

During my childhood I spent a lot of time watching my favorite television shows. From “Full House” to “Spongebob,” I watched it all, daily. The TV shows I remember watching are the shows I also believe to be the most entertaining. As I go back and rewatch some of these episodes, I realize how much children’s television humor has changed and how they taught valuable lessons that would eventually grow with me. Here’s my list of some of my favorite childhood tv shows. 

1. The first show I specifically remember watching growing up was “Spongbob” that played on Nickelodeon. Many have their opinions on this one, but honestly I loved this one. I feel it was super relatable and easy to understand. As my parents quite didn’t understand the show as well as I, it was really just the silly goofiness that pulled me in and had me giggling. The show is full of different underwater animals and each episode has a different story that is almost always comical. As Spongebob lives his life as a sponge, works at the Krusty Krab and has a pet snail named Gary, with the help of his friends he lives mostly a happy life which makes it so enjoyable to watch. 

2. The second show I remember watching a ton was “Drake and Josh” that also played on Nickelodeon. Drake Bell as Drake and Josh Peck as Josh are step brothers who now share a room. As they are completely different, learning how to get through their adventures in highschool they also learn how to be family. Growing up, I watched a ton of tv in the summer while my parents were at work, and often I remember watching “Drake and Josh” with my older sister. This show felt super relatable to us as we are sisters who are also very different from one another. 

3. Another show I personally would put on the list of tv shows I loved would be “Full House.” This one aired on ABC and is a big one for me because my whole family enjoyed watching it. “Full House” is exactly how it sounds, a full house. Three sisters growing up with their uncle’s and father without a mother. Growing up in a full house isn’t easy, as the sisters learn to be responsible, and the adults learn how to trust. Young me would sit in the living room and watch “Full House” every night with my family. This show has many heartfelt moments and shareable messages intertwined into it and definitely brought a smile to my face when I watched it. “Fuller House” is a newer Netflix series, about an even fuller house starring some of the same characters that were in the original series. As it’s really similar to full house, but instead of uncles and a father, the children have a mother and aunts to rely on. 

4. The fourth show I’d put on this list would be “Phineas and Ferb” that played on Disney Channel, as an animated TV show. Phineas and Ferb are two brothers who love to build things that their older sister Candance finds really annoying. As Candance is always trying to find a way to get the boys in trouble, the boys easily get their way out of it. This show begins with a song.. “There’s 104 days of summer vacation…” and this just makes me think of summer as a kid. Always watching “Phineas and Ferb” and their Platypus, Perry, live their secret lives every day through their summer vacation. 

5. The fifth show on the list is “Hannah Montana” on Disney Channel. A popstar named Hannah Montana on the stage, whose real name is Miley Stewart lives a secret normal life with the support of her father and brother. Keeping close friendships and relationships from this huge secret causes her many troubles throughout her popstar career. This teaches her valuable lessons within her friendships with her best friends, Oliver and Lilly. Because she doesn’t have a mother figure to lean back on, relying on the ones around her becomes super important. This show was one of my favorites growing up, it taught me how being yourself is really important. 

6. Next is, “ICarly.” “ICarly” that played on Nickelodeon is a show about Carly Shay and her website which she and her two best friends, Sam and Freddie, help run. Freddie records while Sam and Carly do their funky shows, often showing strange skits. Sometimes their show gets flipped upside down and Carly’s normal life is changed but with the support of her brother and friends, they help her stay grounded. As this show always had strangely funny twists and turns it also really teaches kids to be good, and to make the best decisions as the wrong decisions have consequences. 

7. “Victorious” was another pretty good show that also played on Nickelodeon. Tori Vega, starring Victoria Justice, lives a semi-normal life and is invited to the school Hollywood Arts where only the best creators go to learn. She’s put through many challenges of making new friends and fitting in to what seems normal at her new school. Performing arts is not always as easy as it seems, as her sister Trina always steps in the way. As performing becomes easier and her friendships become stronger, Tori really starts to find herself in her music and her performing and starts to focus on her dreams. 

These TV shows are what I personally watched growing up, and I spend some of my time rewatching these shows as I get older. Many of these shows are still easily accessible, some are on Hulu, Roku, Netflix and Amazon Prime. As this list of seven is only a few of my favorite  childhood TV shows, it’s also a group of TV shows that I believe portray the clearest and most understanding message not only to children, but anyone who watches in general. As I rewatch these shows, I realize how they have shaped me into who I am today.