Guidance counselors discuss childhood obesity

Skylier Beachy, Photographer

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    Childhood obesity has recently became a growing problem in the U.S.  Many people may ask themselves what the qualifications of being obese are. The Jonathan Alder guidance counselors were asked questions about this serious topic and this is what they had to say about childhood obesity..

    Jonathan Alder guidance counselor, Cindy Wolfe said, “There is a chart that depends on your height and weight to place you in the categories normal, overweight, or obese.” Wolfe also stated that the main sources of childhood obesity are, “I believe there are many reasons for this, not just one underlying reason. Sedentary lifestyle, poor eating, etc.” Wolfe recommended eating better and being active as ways to help prevent obesity.

    In some situations it is hard to stay active and eat healthier. Healthier foods are usually more expensive, and it is sometimes hard to either stay active or be motivated to do active things. When asked if childhood obesity was worse in certain places, Wolfe explained, “Not sure, but quite possibly. Unfortunately, eating right comes with a cost, and if you can’t afford it, then you could be eating too many or too much of the wrong foods. This comes with a mental health aspect too. When someone feels deprived of a necessity to sustain life, they tend to overdo it when they receive it. In this case, if you don’t get to eat very often, then when you do, you may tend to eat everything you can to store up. This sends the body into starvation mode, which stores all energy taken in for a later time when the body may need it.”

    Genetics can sometimes be a very difficult thing to deal with when it comes to weight. When Wolfe was asked if genetics play a role in obesity, she said, “Some people can eat healthy and workout up to three times a day, but never lose weight because of genetics. However, just because you don’t lose weight when you eat right and exercise right doesn’t mean that you are obese it just makes it harder to be in better shape.”

   Obesity is becoming a growing problem in today’s world. Some people just cannot help it, whether it is a money problem or a genetic problem. If you can afford healthy foods and are motivated to exercise, then it is very possible to prevent childhood obesity.

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