Apple releases iPhone update


Skylier Beachy, Photographer

    Apple has recently upgraded their IOS software from IOS.8 to IOS.9. This update has been exciting for some, but a disappointment for others.

    Freshmen Zayvier Beachy was a huge fan of the new software that Apple has provided IPhone users with. “My favorite thing about the new update is that it seems like the battery actually lasts longer, like it was advertised,” Beachy said. Beachy also seemed like he was fascinated with the color changes you can see as your iPhone loses battery life. With the IOS.8 the battery went from green to red when your battery percentage went to 20 percent. “WIth the IOS.9 the battery also goes to yellow instead of straight to red, which is a nice change,” Beachy explained.

    Junior Emily Wilson was not such a fan of this software update. “As soon as I updated my phone it made it so that it takes forever to load or start up my apps. It is never a good thing to wait more time to check what is going on with social media,” Wilson explained. Wilson also noted, “The one good thing about the update is the battery life. School takes away a lot of my battery percentage, and it’s good to not be so worried if my phone is going to die on the way to an away game that is sometimes an hour away.”

    From the student’s response it sounds like the IOS.9 is very helpful in the way that it saves your battery life. Although, it does make the apps on your iPhone take a bit longer to load, which could be a pain. It appears that this software update has some very helpful adjustments as well as some not so helpful qualities.