The school of your dreams

Chloe Grove, Assistant Editor

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  Many students and teachers have their own thinking of what their idea of a “perfect school” would be.  For the month of October,  “The Pioneer Press” asked students of JAHS: If you could change anything about the school what would you change? Here’s how they replied:      


Lexi Rehm ’16-  “I would like to be able to print and have more pep rallies.”

Isabel Rodela ’17- “School lunches”

Mr. Glatz- “The amount of paperwork”

Trevor Klugh ’16- “We would have a powder puff football team.”

Mikayla Holland ’18- “Five day weekend and two day week”

Kristen Beachy ’17- “I would make lemonade come out of the water fountains.”

Brenna Holmberg ’16- “I would like to be able to print from the computers.”

Ms. Swigart- “I would have all of my students write legibly.”

Madyson Watson ’16- “I would have more fun activities.”

Cassie Troyer ’17- “Have a shorter school day”

Andrew Miller ’16- “Lacrosse would be an official school sport”

MaryKate Hipp ’19- “I would like to be able to take a day where we don’t learn anything and just get caught up.”

Mackenzie Heimlich ’17- “I would like to be in classes with my friends.”

Maddie Vance ’18- “I would have us come into school later…  at like 10 o’clock.”

Keli Geers ’16- “Higher quality food”

Morgan Sarver ’16- “More a la carte options for lunch”

Ryan Swinehart- “I wish everyone was nicer to each other.”

Brodrick Besinger ’16- “Lacrosse would be an official school sport”

Sydney Gower ’17- “Have the lockers spread farther apart”

Annie Maurer ’16- “That we had technology that worked”

Mikayla Holland ’18- “Fix the toilets so they didn’t spray every time you flush”

Alex Moore ’17- “I think we should be able to carry around backpacks.”

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