Teacher for a day

Chloe Grove, Assistant Editor

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    Many students have a favorite celebrity or someone that they look up to. For this issue of the “The Pioneer Press” the staff asked students of JAHS: If you had the power to hire anyone to be your teacher for the day, who would it be?


Brenna Holmberg ’16- “Zac Efron”

Isabel Rodela ’17- “Audrey Hepburn”

Madyson Watson ’16- “Myself”

Sasha Hamlin ’17- “Zac Efron”

Andrey Demchuk ’17- “My brother”

Troy Stevens ’17- “Swinehart”

Paul Faulk ’18- “Mrs. Hall”

Devin Keaton ’17- “Morgan Freeman”

Max Johnson ’16- “Mrs. Moore”

Aly Workman ’17- “My grandma”

Janelle McNeil ’17- “Nicki Minaj”

Emily York ’17- “Taylor Swift”

Maddie Vance ’18- “Morgan Freeman”

Cassie Troyer ’17- “Swinehart”

Marykate Hipp ’19- “Lucy from Charlie Brown”

Sydney Gower ’17- “Nicki Minaj”

Hunter Maynard ’17- “Bill Nye”

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