Restrictive WiFi controls Alder

Logan Woods, Ad Manager

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    The WiFi at Jonathan Alder has provided students and faculty with a way to access the internet on school grounds without going through the hassle of limited data or poor connection for over a year. Some students say that the web restrictions the school placed on the WiFi goes too far. Senior Austin Kusserow said, “I think it is annoying when I try to get on a website for a class and the website is blocked for no reason.” There is no way to check every website on the internet to see if it is school appropriate or not. Being better safe than sorry was the best way to limit any negative actions from occurring on school grounds.

   Kusserow went on to say that the inability to access certain applications from iPhone and Android smartphones on the WiFi is also an inconvenience. “Having the opportunity to relax and play a game on my phone would be beneficial in my opinion,” explained Kusserow.  Students have the ability to rest their minds while playing games on phones or devices. Many students agree that less restraints on application access throughout Jonathan Alder would do more good than harm.

    Vice principal Mark Fenik expressed his opinion on the matter by saying, “I have not been informed of ways in which the WiFi is restricting educational activities.” Although students may not entirely agree, some faculty members believe it is in the best interest of the community to protect the students from the various negative aspects of the internet.

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