Christmas traditions

Tori Walker, Billing Manager

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     Christmas time is full of some great family traditions: from baking cookies to decorating the house. Some traditions can be big and crazy while  some can be small and simple, but every tradition means so much to the ones doing them.  This holiday season, “The Pioneer Press” asked the students and staff members of Jonathan Alder High School what their favorite Christmas tradition is.

Sasha Hamlin ’17- “Going to a family friend’s on Christmas Eve”

Bailey Baird ’19- “Hanging out with my family all day long”  

Sarah Harp ’19- “Spending time with my family on Christmas Eve”  

Peyton Ernst ’19- “Putting up the tree”

Rachel Dembek ’18- “Putting up the Christmas tree”

Emily Davis ’18- “Going to my grandparents’ house after the Christmas at my house”

Cameron Androw ’18- “Spending time with my family”

Cole Shrock ’18- “Decorating the Christmas tree”

Josh Nees ’17- “Hanging out with family”

Zane Johnson ’17- “Waking up in the morning and going to my grandma’s and eating biscuits and gravy with the whole Johnson family”  

Miss Tinberg- “Eating Christmas cookies”

Mikayla Russ ’17- “Getting new Christmas PJ’s and watching Christmas movies”

Alivia Milesky ’16- “Giving all my loved ones Christmas gifts”

Riley McKenna ’16- “Hanging stockings”

Dean Karkut ’16- “Going to Florida every year for Christmas”

Luke Puckett ’16- “Opening presents at my grandparents’ house on Christmas Eve”

Mrs. Huebner- “Going to my mother’s for dinner”

Alex Moore ’17- “Making cookies and watching Christmas movies with the family”

Isabel Rodela ’17- “Everyone in my family opening their Christmas stockings on Christmas morning together at my grandparents’ house”

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