JAHS share their Christmas traditions

Skylier Beachy, Photographer

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   Christmas Eve can be a good and exciting event for many.  On the day before Christmas, some kids open presents early while some people just stay home and relax while waiting for Christmas day to arrive. “The Pioneer Press” asked students from JAHS what they do on Christmas Eve and this is how they responded:


Zayvier Beachy ’19– “I go to my great grandparents’ house and open presents there, then I go to my grandma’s house and stay there for Christmas.”

Kristen Beachy ’17– “I go to my church service and sing Christmas songs.”

Mike Furrito ’19– “I go to church.”

Noah Lemaster ’17- “I go to both of my grandparents’ houses and have Christmas there.”

Katie Davis ’16- “I just sleep!”

Janelle McNeill ’17– “I open presents early.”

Alyssa Miller ’16– “I just go to my grandparents’.”

Sophia Thomas ’18– “I open my presents on Christmas Eve.”

Aryn Harris ’18– “I go out and feed the homeless.”

Madison Vance ’18– “I go out to dinner.”

Bailey Crownover ’19– “I go to my grandparents’ house and open presents.”

Madison Killian ’19– “I stay at home and sleep.”

Paul Faulk ’18– “I hangout with my family.”

Austin Fooce ’17– “I chill with my family.”

Gus Stinebaugh ’17– “I hangout with Mikayla.”

Jordan Leeka ’19- “I stay at my house and eat.”

Logan Smith ’18- “My family and I go to my uncle’s.”

Lyndsey Lovejoy ’17- “I stay home and eat, then eagerly wait for Christmas to come!”

Meredith Foust ’16- “I normally go to the Christmas Eve service at my church and watch Christmas movies with my family.”


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