JAHS students explain their hardest exam

Skylier Beachy, Photographer

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    Exam week is a very stressful week for most students. Teachers prepare their students the best they can in order to have their students be as successful as they can when exam week comes. However, there are some subjects and exams that some kids struggle with. “The Pioneer Press” asked JAHS students what their hardest exams were, and this is what they said:


Jordan Leeks ’19– “Physical Science”

Evan Martin ’19– “Algebra I”

Sara Wiley ’19– “Algebra I”

Cassidy Sullivan ’19– “World History”

Logan Smith ’18– “Spanish I”

Paul Faulk ’18– “Biology”

Pete Sharp ’19– “French I”

Dylan Devier ’18– “Spanish I”

Cameron Androw ’18– “Pre-Calculus”

Oscar Ose ’18– “Pre-Calculus”

Morgan Blain ’17– “Chemistry”

Lyndsey Lovejoy ’17– “Chemistry”

Emily Wilson ’17– “A.P. English”

Margo Maxwell ’17– “Spanish III”

Maddie Fuller ’17– “American Lit”

Michael Rowe ’16– “None of them”

Gregory Bowman ’16– “Physics”

James Zawodny ’16– “Physics”

DeSean Wright ’16– “POD”

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