Junior High popularity

Millia Runkle, Jr Journalist

    Teachers try to encourage us to be united, but, in truth, the students of Jonathan Alder Junior High could never be more divided. Our school is similar to an ancient society; our roles as not only students, but as humans, are determined completely by our position on the social pyramid, or as it is more commonly referred to as, “The Popularity Scale”.

    Just like in the social pyramid, you have your lowest class. These people are normally great individuals, but seemingly out of sheer cruelty, they have been demoted to the kind of person you might see alone at the lunch table . The ones that apparently nobody likes.

    Then you have your middle class. These people are the ones you might vaguely recall passing in the hall once or twice. People who are thought of as “normal”, when in reality they are some of the most interesting people. They might only get one or two roses during the Valentine’s month while in the next and highest class, they might get five or even more.

    And of course, you have your highest class. These people are commonly known as the cruel, the cocky, and the self centered, or, in other words, the “Populars”. These “Kings” and “Queens” of Jonathan Alder Junior High typically have the biggest, and most expensive, brand name clothes. You might also know these people as the ones who have at least half of the grade crushing on them.

    Now, I know that everyone says that we should obliterate this “Popularity Scale”, but, to tell the truth, I’m not sure if that is even possible . It is basically a way of life in almost all schools. Instead of the “Populars” owning the school, in reality, isn’t the “Popularity Scale” the one that’s running it?