Power of the Pen revisited

Caleb Keene, Jr Journalist

     March 12th, 2016 the Jonathan Alder Power of the Pen traveled to Gahanna Middle School South for the Regional Tournament. The team was lessened from its original 12 members to 8. Coach Heather Lawson was not there as well. Among the competitors were seventh graders Elaina Winslow, Annie Hirshberg, Millia Runkle, Will Engle and Caleb Keene. Eighth graders included Madison Shaw, Jordan Gall and Grace Pomatary.

The competitors traveled to GMSS to compete in the District tournament. It was a fun-packed day that involved hanging with friends, pizza, leisure walking and representing the school district.

Adult representatives were Samantha Hanson, Mr. Gall, Mrs. Shaw, Ms. Emily Meyers and Mrs. Hirshberg. Seventh grade coach Heather Lawson was absent at a college class.

The team had to compete with more than 40 other schools in their push for victory. In the end the 7th grade team placed 4th over all other 7th grade teams. Two individual members of the 7th grade team placed: Caleb Keene placed 4th and Annie Hirshberg placed 2nd. Both Caleb and Annie will be going to the State Tournament on May 27th. State qualifiers are Engle, Hirshberg and Keene.

The State Tournament is at the College of Wooster. The first day is JA’s last day of school, but is optional. The second day, Friday, May 27, is the writing day. Good luck to all Power of the Pen State qualifiers and competitors.