Remember, it’s turkey, not Turkey


Lisa Skogsøy, School News Reporter

     Thanksgiving! I have been looking forward to this holiday since I came here. In Norway, we have Christmas and Easter and all those kind of holidays, but Thanksgiving is an American holiday. And a break from school ain’t too bad either.

    My host family and I stayed at home for the holiday. My host mom, Angie, got up early to put the turkey in the oven and start cooking. I had heard all about the traditional Thanksgiving courses from people and had gotten excited by those ideas. I had never eaten pumpkin pie, stuffing, or biscuits before. Also, cream corn is something new that was introduced to me here in Ohio.

     People have been asking me a good week before break if I had ever had turkey before. Yes, yes I have. We usually eat it on New Year’s Eve. We ate dinner around two o’clock. It seemed like a lot of work on Angie’s part for 30 minutes worth of eating, but I had a great Thanksgiving experience. We played card and board games, watched football and…Hallmark movies!!

     During the rest of my break, I ended up watching two seasons of Gilmore Girls instead of being productive and doing things like cleaning or  homework. But it’s always nice with to have a break. I think I ate five pounds worth of cream corn and turkey, and now I can hereby declare this celebration as successful.