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Music Changing Through Generations

Rylee Griffin, Creative Director

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 Music has always been an essential part of society. From the Motown Music from the 1960s to the Pop Hits of the 2000s, each decade has tunes that define its sound. However, what genre is defining present day?

    The rap scene slowly crept up through the late 1990s and gained traction throughout the 2000s up to present day with the evolution of a sub genre called “trap.” Trap music is defined by its heavy bass, layered synths and unique use of strings. With artists like Migos, 2 Chainz and Post Malone releasing new songs frequently, the “trap” culture has grown exponentially over the course of the last 3 years.

    However, the future of music seems to be heading in a completely different direction. The indie rock and alternative genres are starting to slowly cross over into rap music. Artists like Frank Ocean are using creative sounds and unique lyrical messages to blur the lines of many different genres and define a new sound.

Not only do these musical transitions come from new artists with ambitious ideas, but they are also a product of the advancements in musical instruments and digital technology. What the synthesizer was to the 1960s compares directly to what editing software is to present day. Music will always be evolving and generations to come will be excited for what new music is in store.


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Rylee Griffin, Reporter

Rylee is a Senior at Jonathan Alder and this is his first year on the Journalism Staff. He spends his time painting and listening to smooth jazz and heavy...

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Music Changing Through Generations