Color Me Intrigued

Color Me Intrigued

Evan Keiffer, Photo Editor

     Time to start training because on Saturday, May 5 at Pastime Park, it’s the Jonathan Alder Color Run!

    For those uninformed, the Color Run is a fun run through a 5k course, where along the way, participants will pass through color splash zones, in which they will be doused in color with a final color toss celebration at the end.

    If interested, be sure to remember that there’s an 8AM check in time for the 9AM run. Be sure to register for the run by April 20 because everyone that does, receives a race bib, color packet and t-shirt at the registration table on the day of the event.

    All proceeds go toward the Sophomore class! If there are any questions, contact [email protected] and you can register here!