Bowling Away The Competition


Evan Keiffer, Photo Editor

    This past Tuesday, the boys and girls bowling team took off towards the DII Central Ohio District tournament. The tournament as a whole was a back and forth affair at the beginning but, as expected, Alder’s star bowlers, from both the boys and girls teams, took first place at the end!

    This is the second win in the row for our boys team. The boys were led by senior Zach Otto who bowled a 584, followed by sophomore Jacob Schrock with a 549, and junior Andrew Clark with a 525.

    The girls played well too and were led by senior  Hallie Nichols who bowled a 531, followed by senior Rene Kirts with a 518 and senior Rachel Kaeser with a 482.

    Hopefully we’ll see a great performance like this on March 2nd and March 3rd at the State Championship.