We’re all in this together

Lisa Skogsøy, School News Reporter

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    This winter I decided that I wanted to do the school musical. I could not come to the USA and not do that. So now I am officially in a high school musical… The musical is called “Seussical the Musical.” I had never heard of it before, but once I got to know the songs it started to make more sense. I had hoped for a more “classic” musical, but the songs in “Seussical” became more catchy as it went along.

    The musicals here seem to be really big productions compared to what I am used to. We do not have official “musicals” every year, but we do have some sort of show. Every 17 of May (Norway’s national day) the tenth grade set up a skit of sorts. We hire a director that helps us make original skits. We sing songs and act, but it is nothing like a full on musical. Also, in seventh grade, we did a small musical, but it did not include full on dancing, so that is a new experience for me.

    Joining the musical is a big commitment. We started out with a couple of rehearsals a week until about 5 o’clock, and it increased, and it will continue to increase, until we perform the show after spring break. I found myself spending 14 hours at school one day, due to musical rehearsal after school. I did not go home to eat for our dinner break between rehearsals (we have about an hour). Even though I’ve had some long days, I have really enjoyed being part of the musical.

    I was a member of the swim team, but there weren’t many of us on the team, so starting the musical was a breath of fresh air. There are more than 40 people doing the musical. I feel like the people in musical are closer than people who play sports would be, and I love the environment.

    I also like to sing and do that kind of stuff, and it gave me a break from sports. Often, sports get more attention than music departments, but people seem to be excited about the musical. It is such a big show, and it has such high expectations. There are so many talented people and just being able to participate is awesome. I have never danced in my life though, so that was interesting. And let me just tell you… dancing AND singing is rough.

    All in all, musical is fun and I will end this with a good note “We’re all in this together♫♪.”

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