Chairfully Picked Seating


Evan Keiffer, Photo Editor

    One of the most important parts of the learning experience is the seat on which you choose to sit. An uncomfortable seat can make or break your learning experience. Most rooms in the school simply consist of basic classroom desks, but in the library, there are a wide variety of chairs to sit on.

    First things first: the basic wooden chairs that surround the tables. There’s nothing too special about this type of chair. It serves its purpose, and it’s neither comfortable nor uncomfortable. A variation of this chair exists with a cushion on it, so if you’ve gotta go wooden chair, make sure you get your hands on the one with a cushion.

    The second most common chairs are the type that are a fusion of chair and desk. Not only that, but it comes equipped with state-of-the-art, space-age plastic… WHEELS. This makes them perfect for mobile study sessions. It also has a little basket underneath the seat to put your backpack.

    Next up are the seats for those who like to feel high and mighty, as these chairs are the tallest of the bunch. They’re good for separating yourself from the crowd while up at your tall table.

    Finally, there’s a whole bunch of unique types of seats at your disposal. First off are the big cushion chairs with wheels and a hard surface on a side of it, making this seat the ideal place to sit. Less astonishing is a squishy footrest that can make for a comfortable seat and bar stools which just exist for the few people that sit at the tall bar.

    Finally, there’s the almighty teacher’s chair. Legends surround such a seat, but it’s known that those who are blessed enough to place themselves upon it never come back the same. Unfortunately, our library lacks such a throne. If we’re lucky, our library will be blessed with this chair one day.