How to HONK Fellow Drivers Off

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How to HONK Fellow Drivers Off

Mary Kate Hipp, PR/Staff Writer

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As more and more students of Jonathan Alder High School are learning how to drive and obtaining driver’s licenses, a review of parking lot etiquette proves useful.  Listed below are ways to thoroughly pester fellow student drivers, as well as notes on the topic from various Jonathan Alder High School staff members who watch over the parking lot each day.

How To Honk Fellow Drivers Off:

  • Drive faster than the legal speed limit in a school zone or parking lot (20mph)
    • “The law is appropriate for the moment. Just because the limit is 20 doesn’t mean you need to go that fast. Do not assume that someone is going 25 mph…it’s all for safety” -Mr. Fenik
  • Fail to allow the person to your left into the line
    • “Be courteous. One person out, the next person goes…it’s called being nice…Being cordial ends in safety.”      -Mr. Aurin
  • Blare loud music
    • “Students should drive as though they’re trying to have a conversation with their grandma and the music is in the background…would you want your grandma to hear that?” -Mrs. Kerzee
  • Rev your engine
    • “First off, make sure it is in park. It’s one of those things that’s obnoxious but doesn’t hurt anybody.” -Mrs. Wolfe
  • Honk battling (honking your horn excessively)
    • “There is no reason to honk your horn, it startles people.” -Mr. Aurin
  • Text and drive
    • “It is illegal because you are driving and texting and driving is illegal, not to mention stupid, that’s how a lot of fender benders happen” -Mrs. Devine
  • Cut other drivers off
    • “Don’t be in a hurry. I’ve been taking data each day and the lot is empty by 2:50.” -Mr. Aurin
  • Ride in the back of an open pickup truck
    • “Don’t.” -Ms. Tinberg

In all legitimacy, driving a vehicle is no joke. Although you may be in the school parking lot, that is no excuse to disregard the traffic laws. You should continue to abide by the laws which are in place to ensure the safety of you and your peers.

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