Star Wars Ranked

Chaz Phinney, Tech Editor

Star Wars from least to greatest

   Star Wars is one of the biggest and well known franchises in the world. It’s hard to go anywhere in America where you can’t find people who have never seen a Star Wars movie. There are currently ten Star Wars movies and the final instalment to the third trilogy is set to come out December 2019. The movies are being ranked by their plot, effect on the Star Wars universe, and overall enjoyment. Here is MatchWojo’s top 10:

10)      Let’s start with the worst. The Last Jedi, the ugly child of the family. This movie was objectively bad, but also insulted the Star Wars lore all throughout. I won’t rant for too long about this movie, so here are the main parts that it failed at. Firstly, it wasn’t funny or interesting, but it tried really hard to be. The jokes were unoriginal, and didn’t land. The plot was all over the place and boring. It reminded me of a bad Marvel movie, and I believe Disney is trying to use the same formula for both. It isn’t working. On a different note, grafting political agendas into movies is generally a bad idea, it makes the movie dated. Your agenda won’t always be relevant, and when it passes, watchers won’t see a message, they’ll see a bad plot and stupidity. There are many articles and videos that go in depth on why this movie wipes up the rear, feel free to look them up in your free time.

9)     Attack of the clones takes the cake for the most awkward Star Wars movie I’ve ever seen. Most of the movie is a love story between a princess and an edgy teen, and to make it worse: the acting is very bad. Natalie Portman (Padme) and Hayden Christensen (Anakin) didn’t do a very good job, and they just made the movie uncomfortable to watch. The final scenes on Geonosis were cool, but they couldn’t completely salvage the movie.

8)     The Phantom Menace is more of a joke than any other Star Wars movie to date, but somehow is still fun. Almost all the main characters are straight up annoying (top 3 go to Jar Jar, Baby Anakin, and Boss Nass.) The acting is also not the greatest, and the only thing that saves this movie is Darth Maul being one of my favorite Sith of all time, Liam Neeson being Liam Neeson, and all the memes that this movie created. It’s not the greatest, but you enjoy it for how bad it is.

7)     The Force Awakens was ok. That’s it. I was by far the most unoriginal Star Wars movie ever released, as it almost perfectly mirrored episode 4. The acting is fine, but nobody really stood out. The movie seemed to be trying way too hard to bring back a sense of nostalgia in some longer time fans by copying jokes and memes from the original trilogy, while also appealing to younger audiences with bad jokes and bright colors. I have no desire to watch the movie again, but to it’s credit, it did set Disney in a good spot to continue on (even if Ryan Johnson flossed his buttcrack with all the good things J.J. left him)

6)     Revenge of the Sith was almost really good. It’s the story of how the galaxy all goes to crap, and sets up the original 3 movies. If not for the bad acting, this movie would have been much higher, however a few characters just killed the movie for me. However, there are a lot of cool scenes, and I would happily watch this again. The creation of two top tier memes (the high ground, and the “killing younglings”) is just the cherry on top.

5)    Solo is middle of the pack, with nothing really holding it back, aside from some not so subtle symbolism and political propaganda. Going into the movie, I was worried that Alden Ehrenreich,  the actor playing Han Solo, might not get his character right, but I was pleasantly surprised that aside from a few parts, he got Han’s character spot on.

4)    Return of the Jedi. Everybody loves finales, especially when they are well made. This movie tied up all the loose ends in the original trilogy, and had some really cool scenes. Darth Vader completing his redemption story and the ending peace just leave with a sense of contentment. It’s a very well done conclusion, that fits the original three very well.

3)    Rogue 1: Filling the gap between episode 3 and 4, and while I was initially confused by the movie, I ended up really liking it. First, the story is told from a different perspective, and shows a unique side to the galaxy. The movie also has a great build up, and a satisfying ending that links it directly to the 4th episode. It’s never happy to see all the characters die, but it was necessary to tie up the loose ends in a nice little bow. Finally, the scene at the end with Darth Vader murdering a bunch of rebels was amazing, and it’s one of the reasons I ranked it so high.

2)    A New Hope is the very first Star Wars movie I ever saw, and maybe I put it higher than it deserves just due to nostalgia. However it still is a really good movie. It’s exciting, and introduces you an amazing universe. The plot was good, and the characters are by far the most iconic of all of Star Wars. Everyone knows Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewy, and they are my first thought when someone brings up Star Wars.

1)    The Empire Strikes Back: Even though this movie scared me as a kid, it didn’t take me very long to realize that this movie was the very best to come from Star Wars. It’s got it all, and is by far the darkest out of the original trilogy. The plot twist with Darth Vader being Luke’s dad was smart, and not at all like the little “gotcha” moments that Ryan Johnson vomited out in episode 8. It puts the rebels in the bad spot they need to be in to climb out and win during episode 6.


That was my list of the Star Wars movies, from least to greatest. How do you feel about my analysis? Agree? Disagree? Feel free to leave any comments in the space below, and be sure to send this article to any Star Wars fan you know!