Keeping It Clean


Utility you can use to help clean!

Tanner Ross, Staff Writer

Keeping your body healthy and sanitary is a very important task. By staying healthy, you can spend your time to the fullest, and have the ability to feel great. Students miss school or are taken out of class due to many different illnesses every single day.

At Jonathan Alder High School, on the day of December 14th, 2018, “60 students were called off who are out sick, or at a doctor’s appointments” said Mrs. Puckett, who keeps track of attendance at the high school. In addition, she said at least 10 to 20 students are signed out midday at Jonathan Alder.

Some ways to avoid being sick is to try and maintain a healthy environment.  Aaron Knox, a sophomore at Jonathan Alder, said, “I really like to clean around my room, I like to have sheets on my bed changed and things wiped off.” Keeping these type of things on a chore list, like Aaron, can help you out. Sophomore Adam Wortman

Utility you can use to help clean!

says, “I like to help around the house, I vacuum, do the dishes, and clean my room, I also pick up trash whenever I see it outside.”

Some great ways to keep clean are washing your hands, according to the Health24 main website, they say that you should wash your hands at least 7 times a day. Sanitizing objects around you to keep you from getting sick as well as picking up trash in your surrounding area help to the cause of a clean surrounding area. A utility you can use to clean is disinfecting wipes. According to Lysol’s main website, their disinfectant wipes kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. Tissues, disinfecting sprays are also some things used to kill off bacteria and help keep a clean environment.