ASMR: A Satisfying Overview

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Slime, whispering, and methodical sounds have been taking over social media.Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat are some of the common known sources. It has started a craze that continues to grow.

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, also known as ASMR, has taken over. People have been making ASMR videos and posting them only to get trending on Youtube or other social media. In fact, there are about 11 million ASMR videos on Youtube.

According to the Google dictionary, ASMR is a calming and pleasurable feeling with a tingling sensation that starts at the top of the scalp and travels down into the spine.

There are different kinds of ASMR, such as slime, whispering,or eating, and they have different effects depending on the person.  

ASMR can have health benefits as well for some people, the videos reduce anxiety.

Not all people experience the same tingling sensation; this is because when some people hear a soft voice, their brain perceives it as safe and trustworthy, so endorphins are sent out from the brain which causes the tingling sensation.

Out of a survey of 112 Jonathan Alder students, 67% responded that they have seen ASMR, but only 22.3% enjoy watching it.

Freshman Hannah Brown said, “ASMR relaxes me, but there are certain sounds that don’t satisfy me as much as others.”

Some people have preferences on what sounds they like to listen to because not everybody enjoys that same sound. It differs from person to person, but some people still find comfort in the videos.

“ASMR is very relaxing in a stressful day, It gets my mind off of whatever is bothering me,” Brown states.

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