12 Problems I have with Fashion


Sydney Biehle, Staff Writer


This generation has come up with many wonderful things, but there are always those trends that are always questionable. Here are 12 fashion mistakes that I see as big no-nos…

12. When somebody wears pants, you’d think that it would be because it is cold outside or it goes along with the outfit, but have you ever thought that you would be able to become exposed if you accidentally unbutton your pants…from the sides! Yes, somebody had the bright idea to make sweatpants, where there are buttons aligned along the side. First of all, why are you having sweatpants that have buttons? That’s cruel. What if that top button comes undone? Welp, there go your pants.  

11. Staying on the pants topic, when you pay for clothes, you expect only the best, but when you see jeans with rips…lots of rips… so many rips that there are only a little bit of fabric holding it together. Now why would you pay your money only to get scraps of fabrics? For reference, there are jeans that are $168 and they are made out of scraps.

10. Cargo pants are ugly, and so is the color brown. If you put those two together you have such a bad mistake. All those pockets, and the straight leg down to the pants along with the ugly musty brown color. Brown cargo pants are bad…real bad. I feel bad for the pockets, having to deal with those real bad colors…

9. Sandals with socks… Sandals are meant to be worn in the hot weather, so why ruin this gracious moment with ugly socks? If you think that it is okay to go to the beach with socks and sandals on, seek help.

8.Toe shoes are just a bad decision. I think somebody was on a drug when they made this decision. Who decides to put each of their toes into certain slots and thinks it’s ok? It might be better than wearing socks and shoes but they look atrocious.

7. The idea of the fanny pack is not that bad; it is there for convenience. However, when you put your fanny pack over the chest, something went wrong. Think about how far you have to reach up to just grab something out of it. Why would you put it up there if you know it is inconvenient? What would you do with it? If you want something big and visible, just wear a backpack.  

6. When you come to school in sweats and a hoodie, it is ok. But when you come to school in a sequin dress, 8 inch heels, and with a full face of makeup… what’s the point? Getting over dressed takes so much effort that is not needed for certain occasions.

5. There are different washes of jeans, but they are limited to a certain color range. But who would wear jeans with more then three different colors on them!? Who would put themselves in the position to find a matching shirt? Plus they just look tacky.

4. Save the pins for denim jackets. Don’t put pins on crocs; what is the point? Are you trying to impress people with your crocs… really?

3. Men who wear ankle socks… *sigh* You will get a weird tan line half up your ankle. If you are asking, “why it is only guys?” This is because most guy shoes are higher at the ankle, so why not just wear a full, long sock? And if you are asking what socks you should wear when you wear boat shoes… none.

2.Vests are a bad decision. What are they meant to keep warm? If you think you are going to be cold, then why don’t you wear a jacket or a sweatshirt? Why are you just warming your torso, and leaving other parts of your body out? Something that should never be worn are sweater vests. They just shouldn’t exist.

1. The worst trend that I have viewed is leggings under shorts! Who would do such a thing? Why are you even wearing leggings under shorts? I understand tights, but leggings? That is an article of clothing that should be worn alone. You are either gonna be hot or you’re gonna be cold, make up your mind. That is like wearing a long-sleeve shirt under a t-shirt. It doesn’t make sense.