Jonathan Alder’s Upcoming End of Course Testing

Tanner Ross, Staff Writer

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As the 2019-2020 school year at Jonathan Alder comes to a close, students are preparing to take the end of course tests for the state of Ohio. English, Biology, Algebra 1/Geometry, and U.S History/Government are the tests that the students will be taking around the school.

English end of course was taken on April 9th and 11th of 2019, and Biology is scheduled for April 29th. Then, on May 1st, freshmen and sophomores will take the Algebra 1 and Geometry test. To finish off end of course testing, U.S history and Government tests will take place on May 3rd.

Students are putting in work to make sure that they pass their end of course tests. Sophomore Hailey Leach said, “ Yeah, I really plan on studying for Biology and Geometry, I think I’m fine with my other classes.”

Other students aren’t doing so much to prepare for end of course. Jacob Layne, a sophomore at Jonathan Alder, said, “ I’m really not going to prepare for end of course to be honest, I have a pretty good understanding on my classes so I think I’m good.”

Getting a good night sleep before the test is highly recommended by teachers, as well as a small breakfast to make sure your mind is ready to go. Having mints during the test is a good way to keep focused and make sure your mind is awake. Mrs. Zimmerman said, “ Eating a healthy breakfast is good so you’re not thinking about being hungry, and  when you have a good night sleep you’re more alert.”

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