Seniors Go on one Last Thrill Ride

Seniors Go on one Last Thrill Ride

William Moore, Staff Writer

Each year the senior class takes a trip to Cedar Point as one last journey together. Many of these students have been together their whole lives and will now part ways. But first, they experience the thrills and chills of Cedar Point.

Top Thrill Dragster

The trip is on May 22nd and it costs $35 to attend. The park features 72 rides which accounts for 17 roller coasters. Including the belle of the ball the Top Thrill Dragster. This beast reaches a top speed of 120 mph and a height of 420 ft., but it only lasts 17 seconds.

Coming soon Cedar Point features the new, “Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island.” This new attraction is fairly unique from the usual image one gets of Cedar Point. This new area is a puzzle adventure that will push its guests to the limit. While it doesn’t open until this summer, Seniors may see some sneak peeks.


The air is full of anticipation over the trip. Senior David Quinones said, “I’m pretty excited. I think it’ll be a good end of the year hoorah.”


While some may look for the thrills and chills, senior Hayden Fry is excited for some of life’s simple pleasures. He said, “I’m excited to watch Doc ride the train.”

Doc’s Train