Freshmen’s First Year

Tanner Ross, Staff Writer

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As the 2019-2020 school year comes to an end, the freshman reflect on their first year of high school. Some enjoyed their first year, and others have mixed feelings about their experiences.

Freshman Tyler Begin huddles with his teammates during junior varsity basketball game.

Ben Cosgrove feels his freshman year went great. “I feel like it went pretty well,” he said. “It was a bit different than junior high, but I thought it was better.” Cosgrove then went on to say that his freshman year was the funnest year of school that he has had. Cosgrove’s favorite memory from his freshman year is, “going out during school with Mr. Alice to take the A+ certification test. It was really fun and we got to go out and eat afterwards.”

Chase Maynard really felt like his freshman year changed him. “[The year] really taught me to be a better man and person,” he said. Maynard also had a fun first year as a high schooler. “ I] made a lot of new friends throughout the year,” he said. Overall, Maynard felt like he made great friends and great memories. Maynard’s favorite memory is “football and all the junior varsity games. The bus rides were the best time I had during football season, and I can’t wait for next year.”

Kara McKelvey also believes that her freshman year went well. “It [was] pretty good,” she said. McKelvey then went on to express that she enjoyed her time here at the high school for the first year. “Cheering at football games,” McKelvey said, was her favorite memory from freshman year of high school.    

Overall, the freshman students enjoyed their first year of high school. Cosgrove said, “Just being a high schooler you just get so much more freedom and it’s great.”  

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