Q&A With Sydne Hermiller

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Q&A With Sydne Hermiller

Emma Pauly, Staff Writer

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Sophomore Class President Sydne Hermiller tells us about herself, her experiences at Alder, and her vision for the community’s future.


Q: What can you do to improve shortcomings in your school/community?

A: Being class president, I can use my influence to get things to happen.


Q: Would you rather stick your foot in a bowl of cooked spaghetti or bathe in marinara sauce?

A: Foot in spaghetti. That’s way less gross than taking a bath in marinara sauce.


Q: What person has influenced you the most? Why?

A: My cousin Hannah, because she’s the epitome of the perfect daughter, the perfect girlfriend… she’s just super kind, and everything every girl wishes she could be.


Q: Chocolate or vanilla?

A: Vanilla.


Q: What are your goals as class president?

A: I just want to make a greater difference and a greater impact on my fellow classmates.


Q: What’s the last song you listened to?

A: 10,000 hours, by Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber.


Q: What do you enjoy most about being class president?

A: It’s nice knowing I’m responsible for something greater than myself. I’m partially responsible for the happiness of my classmates.


Q: What’s your favorite color? Any particular reason why?

A: White, because white is the absence of all color… I always want to be adding to my life, and you can always add to white.


Q: Do you think you’ll run for office again next year? What position?

A: Maybe? I have no idea what position though.


Q: What do you like the most about playing volleyball and softball?

A: Definitely my teammates. They are encouraging, they’re kind, very talented. I just like growing with them, and being together with them to play a sport we all like.