Maddy Grove Represents JA in Post Season Tournament


Grove concentrates on her swing as she sends the ball over the net.

Emma Shepherd, Lead Designer/Sports Reporter

Every year, sixteen girls get the opportunity to compete in the state district tennis match. This year, Senior Maddy Grove got the chance to be one of those sixteen girls. 

She explained that she has been motivated to get to districts ever since freshman year: “… it was my last year and my goal [was] to make it to districts,” she said. When she learned that she had secured her spot in the district tournament, the Alder tennis community rallied around her. “Maddy Grove will be your fourth seed at the Central District Tennis Tournament,” tweeted tennis coach Brett Fuller. 

Grove’s last match was October 10th when she lost to Sydni Ratliff in the District Semi-Final game. “I was elated and very proud of myself. It felt really good to have all the people around me be proud of me too,” said Grove.

Grove had a very successful last season, she went 9-5 in conference and 14-8 overall, which placed her second in the CBC singles rankings. Also to finish off conference play, Grove was elected second team all CBC.

I lost to a girl from KR [Kenton Ridge] early in the season,” said Groves. “But when we played them again I got her back. And really any match I went to a tiebreaker or third set.” 

The Jonathan Alder Tennis team consists of only two seniors, leaving the majority of it underclassmen which can be difficult but beneficial at the same time. Grove explained, “the hardest part of this season was adapting to a very big and young team and helping coach them while also learning more myself.” But to Grove everything was “worth it” because she was “able to grow closer with some friends and see all of [her] hard work pay off.” 

Being a single in tennis can be very difficult because it is just one person and it is all up to you to make the play. These players have to stay focused and motivated to be able to succeed. Everyone has their own idea of motivation and their own ways of staying focused. Grove used the idea of districts and hopefully making it farther as her motivation. The best part of the season was “Georgie and I making an iconic duo on and off the court,” said Grove. Now that her season is over, Grove looks back at it with only happy thoughts. And, hopefully next year someone follows in her footsteps.