Emma Shepherd, Sports Editor

Everyone loves a good mystery and a good laugh. Since the 1940s, families across the nation have been enjoying the game Clue at their dining room tables. The Jonathan Alder Performing Arts have taken this to the next level by performing a play revolving around the famous board game. 

Even though the play is truly about crime and murder, it also incorporates comical and goofy moments within it. “The audience should be most excited for the silliness and lightheartedness of it all. It is a great escape for everything going on today,” says Mrs. Tinberg, the director of the play. 

One of those silly and lighthearted moments is a dramatic fainting/dying scene from Annie Hirshberg. 

“I am so excited to perform in this year’s play. I’m so thankful we get the chance to perform, even though we are in the middle of a pandemic,” says senior Annie Hirshberg. “I play the role of the singing telegram girl, so I am excited that I can sing too.” 

Due to COVID, this year’s play has been through the ringer of preparing not only themselves but the stage and set as well. Many students have had to quarantine and miss rehearsals, which means time on stage is lost. 

Originally the performance was supposed to be last weekend, however due to cast and crew being in quarantine the performance is now rescheduled to this Sunday, February 7th at the high school. 

“Many people have been in a quarantine, so then they are not able to attend rehearsal. That has made it different and challenging to run lines and rehears when not everyone is able to be here,” says Tinberg. “However, we have done some zoom meetings so the cast has more time to run lines with each other.”

“Even though I missed a few weeks, because I was in quarantine, everyone helped me to get caught up with the sets, scenes and my lines.” said sophomore Maggie Storts. 

With the requirement of masks, all cast and crew members are in fact required to wear one, which makes yet another roadblock for the production. However, they have found clear face shields/masks to wear during the performance. This still creates a safe environment while also being able to perform to the best of their abilities.

The performance will begin at 2:00pm, at Jonathan Alder High School. All patrons will need to purchase a ticket to be able to enjoy Clue! Also, there will be an on demand live stream available to anyone who wishes to watch. More information about purchasing tickets or more live stream details can be found on Jonathan Alder’s Theatre website.