Q&A with Abby Harrington


Olivia Zimmerman , Staff Writer

Abby Harrington is a sophomore at Jonathan Alder High School who participates in Softball. She tells us about her experiences with softball, why she joined and how this season is going to look different from past years she had been in softball. 


Q.How long have you been playing softball for?

A I’ve been playing softball about 11 years.


Q.Why did you decide to play softball?

A.In general, baseball and softball have been a big part of my life since I was a baby. But  high school softball is a totally different experience than playing travel and it’s always been a goal of mine to be on the high school softball team. 


Q.What part of softball do you enjoy the most?

A.My favorite part about softball is making lots of memories and just having a good time, doesn’t matter if we win or lose.


Q.Has your season begun yet? If not, when?

 A.This season has not started yet. We are only practicing at the moment; games start March 29th.


Q.What are you looking forward to the most about this season of softball?

A.I think I’m mostly looking forward to playing with the girls as a team and having fun while we do it. Hopefully we get to go to states and defend the title of the 2019 team. 


Q.What position are you in for softball? 

  A.I’m pretty sure I will be playing 3rd base and maybe a little bit of outfield.


Q.What’s different this year from past years you’ve played softball?

A. Not only has Covid affected the way we do things, like working in groups and being aware of how close you are to people, but I feel like our coaches hold us higher standard than any of my past coaches, which I really love. They want the best for us and push us hard to make us be the best ball player we can be. 


Q.Once you graduate, do you want to play in college?

A. I don’t think I’m going to play college softball; I’d like to focus more on my degree.