Q&A with Evan Catanella


Olivia Zimmerman, Staff Writer

Evan Catanella is a sophomore at Jonathan Alder High School who participates in lacrosse here at JAHS. Catanella shares how he has been, his ambition towards lacrosse, and looks back on some memories that he has collected over the years of him playing lacrosse.  

Q.How is your day going?

A.My day is going pretty good!


Q.What is your favorite place you have ever traveled? 

A.Ely Minnesota. My uncle and aunt live on Wolf Lake, and it’s just one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. 


Q.What is a song that you listen to before you start a game?

A.The song I listen to the most before a game is “Bloody War” by South Park Mexican, which sounds pretty bad but it’s what hypes me up the most.


Q.Why did you start playing lacrosse?

A.I started playing lacrosse because of an old friend’s dad who told me about it. They gave me a couple of sticks and a ball to use to practice with and it just kind of caught my curiosity.


Q.How long have you been playing lacrosse,and what motivates you to keep playing?

A.I’ve been playing lacrosse for about six or seven years now. What keeps me coming back is the family and the brotherhood amongst the team.


Q.How has your season been?

A.Our season started off pretty solid, we were winning 90% of our games but unfortunately our longevity ran out. We lost a lot of key players due to injuries so we haven’t been the same.


Q.What’s your favorite memory you have of lacrosse?

A.My favorite memory is when there was a huge puddle around our practice field and we all just kind of played and dove around in that puddle.


Q. If you could give any advice to new lacrosse players what would it be? 

A.The advice I would give to the new kids is to keep pushing, no matter how difficult it may seem. Whether it be passing or catching or shooting, if you continue to work on it every day, you will see a drastic change for the better.