Do You Know Our Staff? The Fitness Fanatic


Lauryn Eisan, Staff Writer

Welcome to the very first edition of Jonathon Alder’s “Do You Know Our Staff?” article! Every month we will post a new article featuring a new teacher, along with the answer for the previous week. If you choose to participate, and you guess the teacher correctly, your name will be placed into a raffle to win a free winter edition of the Pioneer Press. Now, onto the clues!


Hailing from Gillivan, Ohio, this month’s mystery teacher is called the Fitness Fanatic because when they were in high school, they participated in 4H, marching band, volleyball, basketball, and track. They also participated in mixed choir, student council, National Honor Society, and a few church groups. Their favorite memory of High School is when they were in their Junior year in the Marching band. It was freezing cold, and their hat ended up being frozen to their head. However, they had tons of fun.

When the Fitness Fanatic was younger, their favorite activity was to cruise around their hometown, and spent lots of time with their best friend/cousin, who was in the same grade as them and also participated in the Marching Band. Now, they are still friends, and enjoy laughing and spending time with each other.

Their weirdest teaching moment was when the school didn’t have any water. “It only lasted an hour or two,” they said, “but I had to tell the students who were going to the bathroom not to flush the toilet!” Something that may be a little surprising is that this teacher has a favorite marker/pen brand, the Paper Mate Flair, medium or fine points.

  • Their favorite celebrity is Alan Jackson, mainly because of his music. 
  • Their favorite childhood book is “A Wrinkle in Time”, but although they can read some books over and over again, “A Wrinkle in Time” just doesn’t have the same magic for them. 
  • They loved pizza as a child. It was a treat for them, because they only got to have it once a month from Todds in West Jefferson.
  • The Fitness Fanatic liked to watch Tom and Jerry on their childhood TV because the show was ornery, funny, and it reminded them of how siblings can act. 
  • Their favorite dessert is Tiramisu
  • Their hardest subjects were Math in Junior High, and mainly the writing aspect of ELA in High School.

If you have any ideas for who this week’s teacher is, submit your answers to the Mystery Teacher Form by October 10th, 2021. Thank you so much and we hope you have a great week, and until next time readers!


Thank you to everyone who responded to the form! The mystery teacher is… Mrs. Hall! We hope you enjoyed reading and participating in this article!