Boys and Girls Varsity Soccer takes on Urbana

Sidney Troesch, Staff Writer

Boys and girls varsity soccer battled against Urbanna on Monday night September 27th. In both soccer games, parents and supporters in the stands were very energetic. Going into the game, the Pioneer boys and Urbana had a mix of wins and losses, giving the outlook of an interesting game. Boys Varsity went back and forth and had some great plays throughout the game. The team worked hard through every touch on the ball but tied the game 1-1. Going into the game, the girls were ready to fight. Urbana had only lost 2 games so far in their season and the Pioneer girls team came in with a 4 game win streak, 3 of which were conference wins. Girls varsity was very vocal on the field and worked very hard every chance they could. They fought hard till the clock ran out but they fell short at 0-1. Both teams fought till the last seconds of the game.