Movie Review: The Guilty

Avery Murdock, Staff Writer

The world of motion pictures can leave your imagination running wild. In a new movie released on September 24. “The Guilty,” really shows how imagination can create wild and the most extravagant situations in your mind. Director Antonie Fuqua pulls your mind into imagining the utmost extravagant and chaotic situations you can envision.   

“The Guilty” is one of countless movies that have been reinvented. The original movie was made in 2018 by director Gustav Möller. I have never seen the original film, but the remake of the Danish film was a chilling and emotional roller coaster, dragging you through every decision the main character makes throughout the timeline of the story.

The film “The Guilty” is a story about a troubling detective demoted to 911 emergency operating services. Officer Joe Baylor, played by actor Jake Gyllenhaal, takes a call from a distressed woman, pleading for someone to come save her. Officer Baylor is mentally engulfed in his own misfortune and desperate to help save this woman. Craving the taste of justice, he lets his own emotions get in the way of his duty.

This movie brought to light the uncommon structure of motion pictures. In the film it focus on one main character the whole time, and is mainly shot in one place. Rather than having multiple main characters and settings, this film is driven by your own imagination, which creates a movie that is different for everyone. Every scene in the movie is made in the vast creativity of your mind, stimulating your curiosity and keeping you on your toes. 

A viewer of the movie, Abrar Ahmed, writes about the framework of the movie in an online review: “This psychological thriller will make you think, evaluate and validate your beliefs of right and wrong & experience how empathy is at the mercy of how much information you have, first-hand,” he writes.

Gyllenhaal, mostly known for his previous role in “Nightcrawler,” really showed his acting abilities through this movie. Kshitij Rawat, a writer of The Indian Express, writes in a movie review ,“…and indeed, he carries the film, ensuring viewers are glued to the screen even when the plot gets lax.” Gyllenhaal’s hard work over the years truly shines through in this movie. Because of his change in acting styles, adding his own persona into the characters really helps him embody the character’s personality. For example, in a scene in the bathroom, he calls his friend to tell him not to lie for him. In this part of the movie, Gyllenhaal puts all of his real existing emotions about admitting truth into his character’s emotions. Showing how embodying the character in this movie can change the outcome of a movie.

 I believe this movie really did reach the audience it was trying to reach, which would be mature audiences. This criminal thriller film was clearly created for people who love the suspicion of a thriller and love to be the investigator. I would most definitely recommend this movie for anyone who loves to be on the edge of their seats. It is safe to say “The Guilty” is one of the better movies being put out today.