Quick Recall Begins New Season

Emily Slatzer, Staff Writer

Do you have random facts stored in your brain and don’t know what to do with them? Similar to televised game show “Jeopardy!” Quick Recall is an information and trivia game played right here at Jonathan Alder High School. According to players on the team, this club, although competitive, is enjoyable for all and practices are fairly laid-back and fun.

In Quick Recall, students are asked informational, trivial, and math questions. Dr. Lorson, the club advisor, describes a good member of the team as “someone who knows information about a variety of information such as English, history, science, math, geography, sports, and general current information and news.” Although it is rare for a player to be strong in all of these areas,  they often have an area they enjoy and have more knowledge on. Lorson says the most important quality is dependability.

During practices, members of Quick Recall review questions from matches that have occurred over the past 30 years. The team often uses buzzers to simulate the real matches, but practices are the least competitive part of the club. Lorson describes practices as “low-key and full of laughs and fun.”

Matches are between two schools, with three 12-minute matches with four students from each school competing. They are fast paced, with many questions asked in a short period of time. One member on the team is senior Chloe Sullivan, who has been on Quick Recall for two years. She received a varsity letter last year, and accomplished this by getting a question correct during a varsity match. Sullivan says, “Quick recall is fun and something I regret not joining earlier. Doc makes it enjoyable and encourages the team to do their best.” 

Students are not expected to know the answers to all questions. Lorson says, “Quick recall is enjoyable for all even if you don’t get any questions correct…you will learn a few things along the way.” Practices are held every Tuesday morning at 7 a.m. in Lorson’s room, and their first match is on Monday, November 1. Any student is welcome to attend: the goal is to have fun and learn new things.