Do You Know Our Staff? The Traveling Teacher


Caitlyn Feay, Staff Writer

How Well Do You Know Our Staff? 


Welcome to How Well Do You Know Our Staff! Every month we will release a new article featuring a new teacher, along with the answer for the previous week. If you choose to participate, and you guess the teacher correctly, your name will be posted on the next issue of the Mystery Teacher, and your name will be placed into a raffle for a free winter edition, which will be given before distribution of the edition! Now, onto the clues!


In today’s feature of Do You Know our Staff, we have a traveling teacher! This teacher travel’s almost everywhere. The traveler did state “I’ve gone to England and around the United States.”


This month’s teacher has lived most of their life in Plain City. They used to play Volleyball, Softball, and Basketball. They also participated in various clubs such as adventure club, and national honors society. The Traveling Teacher’s favorite high school memory is winning the district finals in basketball.


This teacher’s favorite subjects are social studies and science. The hardest subject for this teacher was art. “My hardest part of college,” this teacher had said, “was going to classes that were late in the day.”


The Traveling Teacher’s weirdest teaching moment is when there was a sewage backup. They stated that “sewage was all over the halls.” The traveler’s favorite missing homework excuse is “I didn’t want to do it.” This traveling teacher thinks that it’s hilarious when a student goes off topic. “A student would be writing an essay and then would end up writing about something completely different.” One may wonder if they still have, or, ever had, Karen like parents. “Yes, I do.” This teacher replied. 


More things about this teacher is that their favorite childhood tv show is the original “Saved by the Bell.” The teacher’s favorite celebrities include The Rock, Johnny Dept, and Chris Hemsworth. This traveler’s favorite marker brand is the papermate flair medium. Those definitely can be found around their room. Their favorite childhood food happens to be Mac and cheese, though only the cheese part. The traveling teacher says “I like mac and cheese, but mainly just the cheese.” Their favorite dessert is also just chocolate. If it has chocolate, expect the Traveling Teacher to eat it! 

So, are you able to figure out who this mystery teacher is? If so please submit your idea to this Mystery Teacher Form and who knows, if you get it right, you could win the prize. Best of luck!