JAHS Inducts new class of National Honor Society

Sidney Troesch , Staff Writer

 National Honor Society (NHS) is a national organization that recognizes and helps the best of the best students succeed further in their academic careers.  According to their website,” An NHS chapter brings with it exclusive tools and resources for students that not only help them in their endeavors as NHS members but leave a lasting impact on them as active citizens with long-term goals.” There are four pillars that help these students succeed, those pillars are scholarship, character, leadership, and service. Here at Jonathan Alder, on Monday, November 22nd, the new class was inducted into NHS.

 NHS is an additional organization within Jonathan Alder, to help give back and provide leaders, wherever they are needed. They organize fundraisers and help with other events.

Students who wish to be in NHS have to meet certain requirements. One of those requirements is to have an accumulative GPA of 3.5 in your first semester as a junior, or your fifth semester of high school. Once students have qualified for this scholastic pillar, they are invited to apply, which is where you explain the other pillars–character, leadership, and service.

Students can serve and lead in and out of the classroom. “The best way to get leadership and service opportunities is to join our Leo Club,” says Maren Schludecker, a teacher here at Jonathan Alder and NHS advisor. 

Once students have been approved to be in NHS, they are inducted into the organization. At induction, students say a pledge, receive a pin and become members of NHS. The current members attending the induction will help the new students through, and celebrate this accomplishment alongside their family members and friends.  According to Schludecker, “This year’s inductee class is a really amazing group and greatly overqualified.”

The new officers and their positions are President: Maggie Storts, VP: Jackson McCoy, Secretary: Emma Hicks, Treasurer: Alex Desmarais, and Historian: Hannah Yates.