Alder Wrestling Slams Marysville in Senior Night Duel

Emma Van Winkle and Annabella Rapp

On January 19, the wrestling team hosted a duel against Marysville High School. While it was only a duel, the seniors were recognized and celebrated for the night. Each senior wrestler showing off their skills and talent throughout the night, with there being eight seniors it made for an eventful night with Jonathan Alder beating Marysville 46-28.

JJ Bay has been wrestling for three years. Some accomplishments he’s received throughout the wrestling career include winning a few tournaments. His favorite memory from wrestling has been  “cheering on Jack during sprints.” After high school he plans to attend Columbus State for 2 years then transfer to OSU, majoring in biochemistry; hoping to eventually start working in lab research. 

Owen Braithwaite started his wrestling career this year. An accomplishment he’s received from this first year of wrestling is coming in 6th at the Ron Thomas Invitational. Being Braithwaite’s first year of wrestling, he joined because “my friends talked me into it and I thought it would be fun.” After high school he has a job set up at an electric company. 

Owen Crabtree has been wrestling for about six years now, and is on the fence about wrestling in college. His biggest accomplishment is that last year (2021) he qualified for districts and was one away from states. If Crabtree decides to wrestle, he wants to attend Ohio University, and if not, he wants to attend Otterbein University. Currently, he is excited about the fact that he is only seventeen wins from one hundred career wins. 

Nick Finke has been wrestling since 8th grade. An accomplishment he has received throughout his wrestling career has been winning 3rd place at the Ron Thomas invitational his sophomore year (2020). A piece of advice that he would give incoming freshmen is “to make friends and have fun if they decide to join a team or club in school.” His plans for after high school is to attend college and then move somewhere warm and live a pretty chill life.

Will Heisler has been wrestling since his junior year. Some accomplishments he has received throughout his wrestling has been being a district alternate his junior year (2021). Along with placing 3rd at the Ron Thomas Invitational his senior year (2022). Heisler is a captain, “motivational encouragement, holding people accountable and setting a good example,” are all ways he motivates his teammates. He plans to go to college and play football, he is currently looking to attend Ashland University. After graduating college Heisler plans on becoming a teacher and coaching football.  

Lexus Leisure is a first-year wrestler for Jonathan Alder, and is thinking about college. Her future plans include potentially going to college, and she also wishes to continue mixed martial arts (MMA) as well as boxing, and training with her dad. Leisure, as the only senior female wrestler, is very excited about “girls´ wrestling becoming an official sport, and she’s looking forward to the traction it will get.” Along with the fact that more girls will face their fear of wrestling, and it will get bigger. With only four girls that wrestle this year, one of them being Leisure, they are all excited about it becoming popular. 

Henry Sivillo has been wrestling his entire high school career. Some accomplishments he has received throughout his wrestling career are going to sectionals his freshman year. Along with placing 3rd in the Marion pleasant JV tournament his sophomore year (2020) and placing 4th at the Lakewood Varsity Classic this year (2022). One piece of advice that has stuck with him from his coaches is “… teaching me about mental toughness and how it’s key to winning matches even when you’re dead tired.” After high school Sivillo plans to move somewhere warmer. 

Pryce Watson has been wrestling for six years and wrestling for Jonathan Alder high school since his freshman year. Some accomplishments he’s received throughout his wrestling career have been placing 3rd at the Rom Thomas Invitational, winning the Triad Tournament, and placing 8th at GMVWA this- year (2022). Along with receiving CBC special mention his junior year (2021). After high school Watson plans to become a firefighter or go into the military.