Jonathan Alder Band Travels to Disney


Sidney Troesch

Jonathan Alder band marching forward in their opening number.

Caitlyn Feay, Staff Writer

The Jonathan Alder High School Marching Band left for Disney World on the 16th of February. While they are there, they will march in a parade through the park. The drive is 19 hours, and they will be marching through Main street USA on Friday, February 18th. 

While there will be plenty to do once they arrive, freshmen Ross Gerckens and Jason Thompson both agree that the ride too and from will be the least exciting part, Gerckens added on saying “being away from home for a little bit will suck, since we are about a two days worth drive away.” 

Some are planning on playing video games, while others are just planning on sleeping. Sam Hundley, a sophomore cymbalist, says that the bathroom situation of only getting to use the bathroom on the bus for emergencies would probably be the hardest part.

Before the band left, they were focused on preparing–both musically and logistically. Nicole Berger, a freshman mellophone player, says, “I’m mainly preparing for the trip by packing. I think we are all ready for it, we are just getting our final practices in.” 

While the group has been doing a lot of practicing, there are still some things they are nervous about. Gerckens, a cymbalist, says the hardest part of the trip would be, “remembering the parade order.” He spoke about how he was practicing to remember the parade order so he wouldn’t mess it up. 

While they are there, the group will be visiting several parks, including Animal Kingdom and the Marvel Exhibit, in addition to marching. Hundley says, “I know we are going to Epcot and Animal Kingdom so I’m excited for those.” 

 Gerckens and Thompson are both the most excited about being at Disney, as Thompson says “being at Disney is just cool.” 

While many band members are excited about Disney and the experiences they will have there, Thompson also says he’s looking forward to “Just connecting with friends.”