Alder Adapts to New Scheduling Program



SchooLinks Logo

Sidney Troesch, Staff Writer

Jonathan Alder’s administration switched to a new scheduling program, SchooLinks, in order to give students a new opportunity to pave the way for a future pathway. Through this program, students are able to schedule based on their desired careers. The first round of scheduling through this new program happened in classrooms earlier this month.

SchooLinks is an online program that gives students career readiness indicators. According to the SchooLinks website, SchooLinks is a set of tools to help K-12 students improve their performance in the classroom. The indicators will help them schedule classes at the high school level. From this information, students can decide their career pathway and classes to follow. When students log on to SchooLinks for the first time, students input information from their transcript and then choose a preferred career. Choosing their career pathway will give students indicators about classes that can follow their pathway.

  JAHS guidance counselor Mrs. Davis says, “The indicators are what students are interested in doing as a career. Based on that information students will receive about three suggested classes.”

Compared to  scheduling in the past, SchooLinks helps students to get a better understanding of what classes they need and why.

 Mrs. Davis says, “Because the state of Ohio has now changed the graduation requirements, every student is now required to have a graduation plan. SchooLinks is our way of giving that to our students.” 

Students will know what they need to pass for graduation. SchooLinks will tell students what credits they have completed and still need to complete, and students will be able to have all of their class and graduation information at their fingertips.