Do You Know Our Staff? The Musical Mystery Teacher


Caitlyn Feay, Staff Writer

Welcome back to How Well Do You Know Our Staff! Every month we will release a new article featuring a new teacher, along with the answer for the previous month. If you choose to participate, and guess the teacher correctly, your name will be posted on the next issue of the Mystery Teacher, and your name will be placed into a raffle for a free senior print issue, which will be given before the distribution of the edition! Now, onto the clues!


This month’s teacher is known as the Musical Mystery Teacher, since this teacher has been involved in many music related activities, like choir, musical, dance, and different bands. The teacher states that their favorite high school memories included being in varied musical things, theater, and English class. The teacher has hints of their music in their room.


This Musical Mystery teacher’s favorite childhood book series was the “Harry Potter” series, and their favorite childhood watching consisted of “Scooby Doo” and Disney Channel original movies. This teacher’s favorite childhood food is mashed potatoes.


In The Musical Mystery Teacher’s first year of teaching, they made the mistake of not having a good balance of home and work responsibilities. They say, “I always would bring too much home, or too little home over the weekends.” 


Some pet peeves this teacher has is that their students never put away chromebooks. The Mystery Teacher always has to make sure the students put them in the correct spot. This teacher also dislikes when students are on their phones in the middle of class.


The Musical mystery teacher has had a few weird teaching moments in their career. One is when students do presentations on something very off-topic. “It is always awkward and embarrassing,” the teacher says. They believe that the number of detentions they have had to give is also very odd, and they have been asked to prom multiple times. 


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