Volleyball spikes down the competition

Skylier Beachy, Photographer

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    The Jonathan Alder volleyball team is representing their school very well this season. As of right now they have a 9-0 record with impressive rankings at both state and national levels. The Lady Pioneers compete in the division two level and are currently ranked second. Out of all the divisions, they are sixth in the state of Ohio.

    At the beginning of the season they sat at 136 in the nation, but with their better than expected record they have moved up 34 spots in the rankings and now sit at 102 in the nation. Their success is not dependent on one single player. They work as a team to break their opponents down.

     Junior Maddie Fuller said, “I love my team. Our relationships on and off the court are so strong, and I think that you can tell that in our in game performances. Our relationships also make practices even better to participate in.”

   Team captain and senior Natalie Regula is thanked for the success of Jonathan Alder volleyball. Regula is said to be a great leader on the court and makes sure her team is always focused no matter what the score of the game. Jonathan Alder’s volleyball team has a promising season and will stop at nothing to go all the way to states and return to their hometown with a win!

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