Q&A: Scottie Boham


Scottie Boham

Scottie is a part of the marching band.

Macie Lane, Staff Writer

Scottie Boham is a senior who participates in marching band. Before coming to Alder, Scottie had lived in many different places on the west side of Columbus. I sat down to talk with him about his experiences. 

Q: Before you moved to Plain City where did you live?

A: Zero to five I lived in Duxbury which is around Grove City, from six to 12 I grew up in Grove City on the west and south sides. And I lived in Urbana for the last three weeks of seventh grade.

Q: How did you feel about having to move around so much? 

A: Stressful to say the least, the idea of not ever knowing if you are gonna stay in the same roof.

Q: What or who helped you during this time?

A: My birth mother, and my grandmother are a lot of my life, and even myself.

Q: If you could go back and give one piece of advice to yourself during this time what would it be?

A: Don’t give up, don’t stoop to the level of others.

Q: How did things change when you went to Alder?

A: eighth grade year was rocky thinking I was going to Urbana for eighth grade year and making friends, just lots of drama.

Q: How long have you been in band?

A: I’ve been playing instruments and been in band since 6th grade, because at Southwest we started in 6th instead of 5th.

Q: How did you end up joining the band?

A: Just didn’t want to be in intervention. Because I was bored out of my mind and wanted to do something.

Q: What instrument(s) have you played/play?

A: For marching band I play mellophone, and for concert band I play bass clarinet.

Q: What made you choose these instrument(s)?

A: I didn’t really get to choose either one, I was kinda forced to play them. Because in 7th grade I got kicked off of French Horn because I was bad. The only instrument I could play really well on was Bass Clarinet.

Q: If you could pick any other instrument to play, what instrument would you pick? Why?

A: Double bass clarinet, or I always thought it would be fun to play the piano or the guitar.

Q: What is your favorite class?

A: Any social studies really, growing up my mom was a big history nerd, it interests me to see how different history is today.

Q: If you could do any other sport/activity what would you pick?

A: I wish we had an archery team, because I really love archery. I used to do archery with me and my little brother in the backyard.