Changes to classes offerings next school year


Sidney Troesch

JAHS schedule paper for students, given out by guidance counselors.

Sidney Troesch, Staff Writer, Photography Editor, Editor


Jonathan Alder High School is making changes to academic classes offered for the 2023-2024  school year with some classes changing and some no longer running.

The classes that are no longer being offered as of the 2023-2024 school year are Utopian/ Dystopian, Media Literacy, Women in Literature, Gothic Horror, Eng 11/12 (Career), Poetry, Young Adult Lit, Computer Software, Computer Hardware, Intro to Comp Prog & Web Designs, Cybersecurity, and AP Music Theory. 

The school is still offering Film studies, World Mythology, and Sports Literature. In previous years, these courses were counted as English credits, but these are now being offered as elective credits for the upcoming school year and years to come. English 11/12 will be taking place of the semester English classes, and, like in previous years, it will be offered as a full credit for the full year.

There are many reasons for these course changes. JAHS guidance counselor Mrs. Davis says, “The semester classes made it very difficult for students to get what classes they needed with what they also wanted. This now makes it more flexible for students and teachers when scheduling their academic classes.” 

In addition with the classes not being very flexible, students would get stuck with classes they did not choose due to the others being full. This presented a problem to both the students and teachers involved. Teachers are both glad and disappointed that classes are changing. 

JAHS English teacher Ms. Tinberg says, “I will miss diving into these interesting topics that we don’t get to talk about in regular English classes, but I also believe it was very hard to schedule and plan these different classes for so many kids.” 

As for the technology-based classes that are also not being offered, Web/ It teacher Mr. Alice says, “ The reason Computer Software, Computer Hardware, Intro to Comp Prog  Web Designs, and Cybersecurity are not being offered is due to me moving to Tolles Career and Technical Center.” 

The AP Music Theory change is for different reasons.

 Band Director Justin Hennig says, “ AP Music Theory has a very rigorous and complex curriculum which is also very hard for high school students to understand. Regular Music Theory will be more accessible to those who are not in band, choir ect, and who just want to learn about music.”

While there are many reasons for these changes, this will benefit everyone, according to Davis.