Quizbowl competes as a team


Photo from Maggie Storts

Jonathan Alder High School Quizbowl team poses for a photo together.

Caitlyn Feay, Staff Writer, Editor

One of the many different activities hosted here at JAHS is Quizbowl: the travel trivia team. This year, there are seven total participants and practices are held every Tuesday morning at seven.

Quizbowl is all about answering questions. Some are solo questions, while others are team questions. Junior Trisha Lennex says “You have to answer questions about something and you sometimes get to answer it with your team. It’s like a team trivia activity.”

While Quizbowl is competitive, it can also be a team environment.  Sophomore Ross Gerckens says he enjoys the environment. “It is still a competition, but it is chill. That is what I like. I don’t feel overly pressured.” 

Gerckens says his favorite part of Quizbowl is contributing what he can to the team. “I like when I do well, and when I contribute.” 

Lennex says her favorite part about Quizbowl is “going to different schools and meeting other teams. Sometimes maybe even win.”

The team travels to other schools around Ohio, going around once every two weeks. The farthest the team has traveled so far is London. 

With the team going around to different schools, it sometimes brings difficulty for spectators. 

“A lot [of matches] are at other schools,” Lennex says “so it’s sometimes hard to have spectators.” Gerckens also mentioned this topic, saying “It’s sometimes really hard for it to be a spectator sport. There isn’t too much attendance, we normally just sit in a classroom, hit buzzers, and answer questions.” 

When talking about beginners, Lennex says she’d teach them ”a group question comes after the solo question.” Lennex says that sometimes their Quizbowl coach won’t say when a group question is coming, and it confuses many people. Gerckens on the other hand would teach beginners to “never let your question go to time. You don’t get a penalty for guessing wrong.” He says this because not many people know and end up wasting all their question time because they didn’t know. 

Quizbowl might not be a very well-known sport at JAHS, but Gerckens says “I want everybody to know it happened. It’s happening!”